Cultural heritage under the state protection

According to the Decision of the Town Museum of Sombor No. 01 of 10th January 2005, issued in collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology from Belgrade, the manufacturing process, 18 looms and 2 spool winding machines of the weaving workshop represent a cultural heritage under the protection of the state.

Tourist destination

The weaving workshop is integrated in European textile routes and Thematic tourist routes in the Euroregion Danube—Kris—Mures—Tisza.

According to the decision of the Managing board of the Sombor Visitors Board, the weaving shop is included in the tourist offer of the Sombor city area.

“Tourist Flower” Award

The weaving shop is the winner of the “Tourist Flower” 2008 for a luxury souvenir of Serbia, an award given every year by the Tourist Organization of Serbia.

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Cultural heritage under the state protection, old crafts product, “Tourist Flower” award…
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