At the north of Vojvodina, some twenty kilometres from Sombor is a town called Bezdan. It has around 5.000 residents and it is famous for hunting and fishing tourism, yet it is far more famous for the weaving of silk damask. To this day this tradition has been kept alive and maintained by a handicraft workshop — silk damask weaving mill “Novitet–Dunav” Bezdan.

This tradition bears the stamp of uniqueness, recognisability, widespread and long–lasting existence.

After the World War II, private weavers — craftsmen in Bezdan joined their means and founded a weaving cooperative “Dunav” in Žrtava fašizma 2, on November 1st 1951.

Weaving cooperative

In the course of time the name and organisation of the enterprise have been changed many times. Eventually, with final merging it was named “Novitet–Dunav” — silk damask weaving mill.

Weaving trade, or weaving craft originates from Czech Republic and Hungary where it was brought from to this territory as early as at the end of XIX century together with the equipment, e.g. looms. Preserving this sort of manufacture work, we remained the only one and unmatched in Serbia and Montenegro, and, we can freely say, in the whole Europe.

Our products are exclusively manufactured on manual looms with jacquard type of weaving and punched cards that date back to 1871. Twenty three weavers work on eighteen wooden looms; our monthly production is about 1.000 m2.

Our production programe involves only manually woven silk damask — tablecloths, upper tablecloths, napkins and bed linen. Each manufactured product is a unique item and signifies style and a good sense of harmony and beauty as well as its maker.


The fabric structure is 49% cotton and 51% rayon silk. The warp of the yarn is bleached, combed, mercerized cotton of great purity and silky gloss. The weft is rayon silk which is virtually no different from natural silk and has a series of high quality features: metallic shine, fast colours which do not fade and resistant to high temperatures. Fabric has warp density from 40 to 50 threads/cm and weft density from 26 to 30 threads/cm, and weight is about 180 g/sqm.

The weaving may be with and without design. There are some thirty various designs and as many colours. Colour and design are not mutually dependant. Some of designs are made for the purposes of catering business only.

Our products are made in standard and non–standard sizes and depend on the customers’ desire.


We offer you the possibility to choose to insert emblems or initials into the product.

Our production program is original and unique and our tablecloths, napkins and bed linen adorn the most elite hotels, restaurants and other facilities throughout the country and the world.

To this day tradition of weaving of silk damask has been kept alive and maintained by a handicraft workshop in Bezdan.
Weaving technology brought to Bezdan in 1871 has been preserved in an unchanged condition till the present day.
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